We've Updated Your 手机银行 Experience!

你问,我们听! The MECU信用合作社 Mobile App has received an update so you can bank anytime, 只要用手指轻敲一下就行. 有什么新鲜事吗?


Many of the new functions appear after you tap the “更多” link in the bottom, right navigation bar.

  • 银行主要职能的连结:

    • 贷款提供
    • 信用卡和借记卡控制
    • 分支机构预约设置
  • 安全信息 & 支持 连结方便浏览
  • 三个小标题 以易于浏览的格式:

    • 定期存款帐户
    • 申请贷款
    • 会员服务






For the first time, you will be able to:

  • 上传文件 for recently submitted loan or deposit applications

  • 访问应用程序 只需点击一下
  • 提交检查副本请求
  • 完成地址更改

Use your smartphone or tablet to connect to MECU 手机银行.

查看帐户活动, deposit checks and pay bills securely from your mobile phone or tablet — anywhere you go. With our MECU Mobile App, keeping up with your money is a snap (or tap). 
Schedule secure bill payments and move money between accounts
Deposit your checks by simply taking a photo
View and redeem cash back deals and pre-approved loan offers
Get notified of low balances, large withdrawals and more
Securely log in using your fingerprint or face recognition


  1. 获取我们的移动应用程序

    苹果应用商店 or 谷歌玩

  2. 登录

    Sign in with your MECU 网上银行 username and password. If you don’t already have a username and password, you can enroll right from your mobile device.

  3. 注册您的设备 

    设置一次性密码. Enter the code and your password, you're good to go.

Protecting your accounts and privacy is a top priority at MECU. We believe that wireless transactions, such as those involved in 手机银行 transactions, require strong data encryption to ensure 安全 and to protect the communication from attack during data transmission.

  • MECU's 手机银行 服务 uses the highest level of 安全 available.
  • The credit union will never send unsolicited messages notifying you of the status of your account, requesting any personal or account information, 或要求您验证您的密码
  • If you receive text messages of this nature, please report them to MECU immediately without replying to the request.


MECU信用合作社 values your privacy. If you wish to delete your 手机银行 and 网上银行 account, 请致电410-752-8313与我们联系. You can also send us a secured message by signing into 网上银行 or 手机银行.
Please note that deleting your 手机银行 or 网上银行 access does not close out your MECU 账户; however, closing 手机银行 or 网上银行 access will cancel:
  • 使用电子报表
  • Termination of Bill Pay and any prior history
  • 人对人终止, Account-to-Account, or 成员-to-成员 transfers and any prior history
  • Termination of any auto transfers or payments
  • The ability to securely send messages

I love the MECU Mobile App, their Cash 回来 检查 and 储蓄. MECU总是让我感到受欢迎!

手机银行 requires that you download the MECU 手机银行 app and is only available for select mobile devices. 消息和数据速率可能适用.